Webdev. Projects

Here are some of my web application projects, where I created back-end and front-end using mainly HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, JS vanilla and Ruby on Rails and PhP, etc.

Pastry Confection is a test project, where a login-logout, search engine, a geolocaliser and a reservation possibility can work together, a sort of Airbnb idea.

Customfood, it is a web application made for event organizers, hosts, or anyone who organizes an event where meals are served (eg. birthday parties, weddings, gallery vernissages, etc.) and you can involve caterers. This webapp helps organizers and hosts to know in advance the food restriction(s) of their guests for each event.
Here you can read more details.
The web-application has a login-logout, emailing, questionary, “add-user”, creating event, statistics and create a PDF possibility.

Ember is a landingpage style website, using HTML, Php, CSS and Javascript.

Notes on HTML/CSS basics on Github. It is not a web site, nor an appliction. These are my notes in a logical order, where gathered and I share HTML and CSS basics and tricks. It is for me but also for anyone else.