Webdev. Projects

Here are some of my web application projects, where I created back-end and front-end using mainly HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, JS vanilla and Ruby on Rails and PhP, etc.

Ember is a landingpage style website. Using: HTML, Php, CSS and JavaScript.

Lisa Pelisson a French ceramic artist’s CMS portfolio website. Using: HTML, Php, CSS, and Kirby CMS.

Metrum Ensemble a Hungarian group who plays classical (modern and ‘classical’) music. Using: WordPress, Php, CSS.

Pastry Confection is a test project, where a login-logout, search engine, a geolocaliser and a reservation possibility can work together, a sort of Airbnb idea. Using: Ruby on Rails, SCSS, JavaScript.

Customfood, it is a web application made for event organizers, hosts. This webapp helps organizers and hosts to know in advance the food restriction(s) of their guests for each event. It has a login-logout, emailing, questionary, “add-user”, creating event, statistics and create a PDF possibility. Using: Ruby on Rails, SCSS, JavaScript.

Blue Pearl Stone a granit and marble trading company. Using: Squarespace, HTML, CSS.

Web Design Integration 01Web Design Integration 02 ・Web Design Integration 03 practice(s): creating the markup and the styles based on the design. It is responsive work in mobile size and desktop (in some cases I skipped the between sizes to concentrate on the 2 extremes).
For the code visit my Replit.

Notes on HTML/CSS and JS basics on Github. It is not a web site, nor an appliction. These are my notes in a logical order, where I’ve gathered and I share HTML and CSS and some JS basics and tricks. It is an ongoing project for myself to help my work, but also anyone else can profit from it.