About me

I’m Miklós Ferencz (pronounced as Meek-losh Feh-rents), a creative professional with a diverse skill set encompassing web design (UI/UX), graphic design, type design, and programming.

My passion lies in typography and digital design. UI/UX is my playground, and I thrive on crafting complete websites from the ground up. I’m also deeply intrigued by innovative book design and experimental mediums.

Here’s a brief overview of my journey:

  • I conducted typographic research at the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique (ANRT) in Nancy, France.
  • I earned a Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest (MOME), Hungary.
  • I pursued graduate-level graphic design studies at Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg (HEAR), France.
  • I spent a year at St. Joost University in Breda, The Netherlands, immersing myself in experimental and conceptual graphic design.

While based in Budapest, I delved into the roles of art director and full-time graphic designer and web designer.
Simultaneously, I embarked on a freelancing journey that led me to captivating projects.
My portfolio includes collaborations with notable entities such as the European Parliament in Brussels, Central Theater and Metro4 in Budapest, and Shearsman Books, University College London, and Boiler House Press in the UK. I’ve also left my mark on Blue Pearl Stone in Chicago, Illinois.

My work encompasses an array of custom web design, mobile apps, bespoke typefaces, visual identities, posters, pamphlets, and books, showcasing my adaptability and versatility.