UI/UX design & web dev.

Here below, you can find links and brief explanations of the websites I’ve worked on.

I used Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD for web design projects, while my web development tools included HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and PHP

Ember is a landingpage style website. Using: HTML, Php, CSS and JavaScript.

Lisa Pelisson a French ceramic artist’s CMS portfolio website. Using: HTML, Php, CSS, and Kirby CMS, UI/UX (Figma).

Metrum Ensemble a Hungarian group who plays classical (modern and ‘classical’) music. Using: WordPress, Php, CSS., UI/UX.

Blue Pearl Stone a granit and marble trading company. Using: Squarespace, HTML, CSS, UI/UX.

Eltették, is a website with an interactive map of real estate assets owned by the Foundation, UI/UX design (made with Figma), day-to-day cooperation with the developer team.

Agrártámogatások, is a website showing a published database of agricultural subsidies, where you can track where public money goes and to whom. UI/UX design, day-to-day cooperation with the developer team.

Figyusz is a one-page platform for instant updates from government databases. Users customize alerts by keyword and database. I designed the UI/UX, and a backend programmer handled the implementation.

Web Design Integration 01, 02, 03, and 04 are projects that demonstrate my coding skills in converting designs into responsive front-end websites. You can review the code on my Replit profile

My GitHub repository contains organized notes on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics, along with useful tricks. While it’s a personal project to aid my work, it’s also a resource for anyone looking to learn or reference these topics.