Personal Pattern

Personal Pattern is a game which generates patterns. Its user manual says the following: “This project attempts to give an answer to how it is possible to graphically represent someone’s designer attitude. With this tool you get a picture of yourself, that is your actual designer self-portrait through an emerging pattern. How can you create your personal pattern? Each one of the 9 cubes is a design category, a style, a rule, a way of thinking. On each side of each cube you can find different abstract shapes, forms which refer to some particular design method characteristic of that category. Choose one image on the cube. By choosing one side each you will get 9 different images to form a bigger square which shows your personal pattern. Browse confidently, any way you like, either very considerately or intuitively or randomly, but every time what you get will be a personal pattern.”
(This project is created together with Lívia Hasenstaub.)






Personal Pattern is published in 2012 by Victionary Book: Black and White!